Thursday, February 09, 2012

Irish Pendants for Valentin's Day

Irish pendants are usually worn by the Irish themselves or to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. There are many different types of jewelry out there that are made especially for the Irish. The Irish pendants can be intricate or in knots. These classy pieces of gold and silver lead you to wanting more of this exquisite jewelry.

irish pendant

They are beautifully made and found on line or at your local jeweler. Check out the many choices you have for Irish jewelry and pendants. There is a style or design for every taste and want from crosses to claddagh pendants to trinity designs. There are all sorts of choices of what you can get.

irish pendant

Irish pendants can be used for all sorts of occasions. There are birthdays, St. Patrick's Day, and anniversaries. You may just want to give an Irish pendant just to be nice to someone or maybe they collect the style you have bought.

Some people collect the crosses, some collect the claddagh, and some like the knot pendants. There are also trinity type designs as well as heart and shamrock designs.

The crosses are supposed to represent the heart of Ireland and all of its majesty. The luscious hillsides and the waterfalls are just part of the countries charm. You can capture the spirit that resides in Ireland and bring it home with you in the fine detail of these crosses.

An Irish pendant of this nature shows off your faith and your beliefs. You can keep them to wear yourself or give them as a gift. Either way, you will have a great piece to talk about with your friends.

The claddagh is an Irish pendant that is used to show you belong to someone. This piece of jewelry actually refers to a place near the Galway Bay. The claddagh symbolizes many things. This Irish pendant usually is shown with two hands, a heart, and a crown. The two hands are for friendship, the crown is for loyalty, and the heart is for love. If this was for a ring, wearing it on the left or right hand means something entirely different. However, we are talking about Irish pendants so it will be worn with the crown on top and the two hands holding the heart. It is a meticulous piece of jewelry and is given to those who want to give their loved ones something special.

The Irish pendants that are made of knots such as the Celtic knot pendant shows the intricacies of how gold is twisted to form an interesting shape. The hearts and shamrocks are also twisted into some of these same Irish pendants to allow for uniqueness. The knot pendants and the shamrocks are mostly worn on St. Patrick's Day. They are worn by Irish people or those who wish they were Irish. Gold pendants portraying St. Patrick are also very popular in Ireland and abroad.

Green is a color you will find in many of these Irish pendants because Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle. Emeralds are a popular stone for this purpose. They are made into pendants and rings for couples getting married on or around St. Patrick's Day. There are also rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings you can purchase to go with your pendant. Make it a day and go look at all the Irish jewelry to see if any will match your style and/or tastes. You may find that special something you weren't really looking for at the time.

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